1. I’m trying, but that isn’t enough anymore.

  2. I can’t even begin to describe the sense of loss I’ve been feeling over the last couple of months. With an impending move from a small city on coast of North Carolina to a bustling metropolis in the Midwest, I’ve been thinking lately about all the things I will miss about living on the coast in the Southeast. The ocean, first and foremost. It has always been there, no matter where I’ve been, always steady and sure, just a few minutes away. Growing up as a military brat I’ve learned to accept and embrace new challenges, but for some reason, and maybe it’s fate or just mere coincidence, no matter where i’ve moved to or lived, the beach and it’s soothing waves have never been far. It’s been my place to come and think, especially in the last two years. I feel as though I am losing my special place, the one place that I’ve done many, many hours of soul searching at. I know it won’t be for forever, hopefully, but it’s still strange to think that I will no longer be a matter of minutes away from something so special to me. I know not many people will understand what I am saying, but thankfully my readership is quite limited! More on this later though.

  3. Listening to an open mic show in downtown Wilmington. Just heard a man’s poem about God and love and inspiration. It makes me want to go back to church. I just realized how much I miss it.

  4. Quick Dinner No. 1

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  8. MAY 6TH, 2004 - the last ever episode of FRIENDS aired

    10 years | 10 seasons | 236 episodes | 6 unforgettable characters
    Friends (1994 - 2004)

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